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Online Blur Background for Free

Blurring the background of a photo to highlight the photo's subject and add depth of field. Use our different blur effects to get stunning pictures. Fotor's blur photo editor helps you to blur images in seconds.

Blur background of people and landscape photo
Blur bee photo background with circular blur tool

Blur Image with Circular Blur Tool

Use our circular blur tool to blur background and create depth of field for your photos. You can change the blur size and blur intensity. By dragging the circular, you can also adjust the blur area. No matter what blur effect you want, using Fotor's blur photo editor can get. It is very easy for photographers and ordinary people.

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Blur house and mountain image background with linear blur tool

Use Linear Blur Tool to Blur Photo Background

Highlight a horizontal part of your image with our linear blur tool. Click the rotate button to adjust the horizontal direction, and drag to change the size of the horizontal highlighted area. In this mode, you can still adjust the area that needs to be blurred. Using this tool, blurring the image background and creating different artistic effects is so easy.

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Family photo background blur

Automatically Blur Background

Blurring background online has never been this easy. Upload your picture, and Fotor's blur photo editor will automatically blur your photo background. A blur effect can evoke inspiration for the designer and help their ideas make the transition into the real world. With a blurred background, you can easily express your ideas and share your mood by adding some meaningful words.

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Fotor app to blur background

Get Blurry Background by APP

Fotor offers the app to blur the background. No matter where and when can you blur photos. Use it to create beautiful and professional-quality images that meet all your business and personal needs.

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How to Blur the Background of a Picture?

  • Click the "Blur Background Now" button on this page and open Fotor's blur photo editor.
  • Click "Open Image" to upload your picture which wants to blur background. Or directly drag your photo to the editing area.
  • Select the "Circular" blur tool or "Linear" blur tool to blur images.
  • Moreover, you can also click the "Background Blur" button to blur the image background.
  • Apply the blur effect, distorting and changing the blur area to maximize the effect.
  • When you finish, click the "Download" button to save your picture. There are PNG and JPG formats for you.
Blur Background Now

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