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Custom Pixelated Images and Photo Mosaic Art

Today's mosaic art has evolved into online pictures. Fotor's photo mosaic maker allows you to add some abstract and interesting mosaic effects to your photos and images, deliberately distorting and pixelating an image or photo easily. It can blur some parts of an image and hide something that you don't want to become public or make your image into mosaic art quickly.

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Simpleto Pixelate Image

Simple to Pixelate Image

Do you want to show off your talented photos of mosaic art on Instagram or Facebook sharing? Try to pixelate your image is the easiest way to optimize your photo quickly. With Fotor's image pixel converter, you can experience the easiest way to beautify your image. Upload your image, adjust the brush size and pixel size, move your brush to pixelate a certain area in your photo or the entire image. Let's see how great mosaic art pictures you can create.

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Make Your Imageinto Artwiththe Mosaic Effect

Make Your Image into Art with the Mosaic Effect

Think about how your images outstanding on social platforms. How does it feel to get countless likes? Fotor's photo mosaic effect is the best option for you. Fotor's pixel art converter provides the technical solutions and mosaic effect to turn your ordinary images into astonished artistic photos automatically. Pixelate an entire photo and adjust the pixelation size, turn the image into blurred background. By the way, different degrees of blurriness create different styles of mosaic art.

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Free Mosaic Photo Creator

Free Mosaic Photo Creator

Can't wait to try it? Let's tell you one more good news. Fotor's online pixel editor is a totally free web app. Never worry about your budget. The fast workflow allows you to get inspired and create impressive photos in just a few clicks for free. You don't even have to register to download any image that you make. In the Fotor's privacy policy, you have the right and freedom to create the artistic mosaic pictures that protect your personal information such as email addresses, personal photos, etc.

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Mosaic Photo Backgrounds

Mosaic and Pixelate Photo Backgrounds Have Never Been So Easy!

Fotor's free photo mosaic maker lest you create the most amazing effects to spice up any image! Moreover, Fotor's online app incorporates all of your favorite effects, including Background Remover, Tilt Shift and many more other fun effects are waiting for you to explore.

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Feature mosaic

How to Add Mosaic Effect to Your Photo?

  • Choose and open the photo you wish to edit with Fotor.
  • Apply the Mosaic effect to pixelate and distort your image.
  • Adjust the slider to change the pixel size.
  • Save your work, choosing the format and size.
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Pixelated Images and Photo Mosaic Art FAQs

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